Reflections on 2012


Happy New Year –  I’ve been thinking about what’s ahead in the new year but I’m also reflecting on the year that’s just passed.  As I’ve been browsing through the pictures of the new sites I’ve seen as well as the places I’ve revisited, the people I’ve met and those with whom I’ve reconnected, I’ve also reflected fondly on those who are no longer with us.

I was able to mark something off my bucket list.  The travel literature touts the Chicago Architectural Tour as the thing to do.  So when I was in Chicago for a conference, I was able to arrange time for the tour.  Although it was a gray, drizzly, Fall day, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and I highly recommend it. Another site I enjoyed on that trip was the Shedd Aquarium.  In addition to the majestic beluga whales, dolphins, and jellyfish, there’s a beautiful view of the city from the balcony.

IMG_2714  IMG_2641

I attended 3 ghost tours this year: Kissimme, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  They were all different and enjoyable in their own way. I had a “ghostly encounter in Kissimmee” and pictures of orbs in Gatlinburg. The Alamo at night is surreal especially if you think about what happened there in 1836. I’m looking forward to doing more tours in 2013.

Kissimmee Welcome Mural      IMG_1886   Gatlinburg Cemetary - The last stop on the tour

My husband had a first this year — we went on a cruise.  He didn’t like it much so I guess the Alaskan cruise is out.  So glad we did a trial run – a short cruise from Galveston to Cozumel.  We did enjoy the fishing trip in Cozumel. It was a great day for a boat ride though the only thing we caught was a sunburn. I’m hoping that I will eventually be able to talk him into the Alaska trip.

IMG_2032   IMG_2117

One of my favorite hotels this year was the Hotel Galvez in Galveston, Texas.  It is a beautifully restored magestic old hotel.

photo            IMG_1728

I had a first — I won a $90 cash out in Las Vegas on the Sex and the City slot machine. I even took a picture to mark the occasion.  I know that is probably small potatoes to most of you big rollers but it was a big exciting deal to me. Thanks to my friend Kathy Adams for filling me in on her gambling tips.

I enjoyed trips with my family.  Living in Florida, we made a few trips to Orlando.  One such trip was with my 3 of my favorite Harry Potter fans.  I also went to Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival

IMG_2294   IMG_2894

In August, we went to visit our family in New Orleans and enjoyed a tour of the Laura Plantation. It was a beautiful day. We also went to the W.W. II Museum.  Both were well worth the price of entry.


In 2012, we lost 2 people who were very important to our family. My husband’s mother, Betty Michael, went to be with her husband, Mose, in July.  My good friend for 35 years, Dorothy Meyers Wray was taken much too soon the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  They are both sorely missed.  I am dedicating this entry to them.

DSC_1330       IMG_0030-2

Stay tuned for more adventures in 2013.  Larry and I are headed to Italy.


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