2011 Highlight – Butchart Gardens Victoria BC Canada


One of my favorite trips of 2011 was to Victoria BC Canada and Butchart Gardens.

Leaving the rental car in Port Angeles, we took a 90 minute ferry to Victoria. We caught the mid-morning ferry to make it to Victoria in time for lunch and to catch the last tour to Butchart Gardens

We stayed at the Royal Scot Hotel within walking distance of the dock. I loved the polar bear in a kilt at the entrance greeting all who entered. The pleasant hotel staff contacted the tour company to arrange our pick up.  HINT:  Make sure you are outside of the lobby otherwise you won’t see or hear the bus arrive.

One cost covers the narrated tour and the entrance fee  to the gardens.  Once you arrive, enjoy the 55 acres of gardens on the 130 acre estate. In 2011, they celebrated the 100thanniversary of Jennie Butchart’s lifelong project to transform a barren limestone quarry into a botanical showcase.  It is designated as a National Historic Site of Canada.  Be sure to have an ice cream cone and visit the gift shop.




Good-bye Victoria.  I’m looking forward to another visit that will last longer than 24 hours.

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